Saturday, July 31, 2010

King Tut

Is it wrong that each time I pick up a cone of my favorite thread that I think of THIS and not of the actual Egyptian?   the song.. it will not get out of my head!

 Lucky for me it's the thread that my machine LOVES.. I swear, I have tried a few others and have to do some major twiddling with the tension.. but put on the Tut.. and the machine purrs.  Luckily with all the colors I don't think it will be a problem!

oh.. and as a note.. I use the SuperBobs in the bobbin since I am lazy focused on saving time and having consistent stitch outcome.


  1. When I had my HQ, the two threads that I found worked the best in it were King Tut and Isacord, it absolutely love them both!

  2. I have some King Tut that I've tried to use in my Avante but it keeps shredding. What size needle do you use. I've been running Sew Fine both top and bobbin. I'd love to get the King Tut running well. So, any suggessions?

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  4. Heh! That is the King Tut I think of too! How'd ja get so Funky! You Wild and Crazy Guy you!
    Hey! What happened to the URL option ID to post with?

  5. Kathy,

    Am sorry I did not see your question about the King Tut earlier , but wanted to get back to you.. I am running an 18 but they do recommend a 19 for King Tut and have not had a moment of problem. I run SuperBobs in the bobbin more of the time.. but actually ran king Tut last night since I really wanted the color match to a great back fabric.. I had to twiddle with the tension a bit since I was running mono on top so it was a bit freaky but got it all sorted out and it looks great.


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