Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thready Thoughts

 With a new machine comes new thread!   Or should I say more and different thread. I have spent tonight looking through my Superior catalog making choices about thread for my new HQ18 Avante.  I was really happy to see that my machine came with some samples of Superior Threads great products since I have long thought that they make some wicked good thread not to mention their new product Texture Magic ( click here while I toot my own horn with some Texture Magic)

Of course one could go blind and dizzy looking at all the options and I am dying to try them all in my new baby... hint hint Bob,  but for now I do know that I will be ordering a gross of the SuperBOBs.. but do I go assorted.. basics... ohhhhhhhh so hard to decide.

 I have long had a love with prewound bobbins and have been using them for embroidery since the dawn of time ( aprox 14 years ago!).. back then we lived with dire warnings that they would be the ruin of our machines and yet to this day I am thrilled with the long lasting consistent quality of prewounds and the samples I tried today are no exception.

The SuperBob I used today just went on and on compared to the bobbins I could wind myself and it made me a fast convert to the idea of also using them in my new longarm.

   Of course after that I looked at the Kingtut and the Lava and the So Fine... oh baby!  I have been quite happy with the spools of KingTut for my Bernina 830 but now it's going to be time to step up into the cones for the new machine.. again, picking is going to be hard and I see some serious thread buying in my future!

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