Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thread hysterics

Ok.. I placed an order but just for some very basic basics..and also ordered color cards.. i started breathing into a paper bag when thinking about which colors to get and then i gave up.  With embroidery thread I just ordered every color the line made ( 370+) and that made it easy.  Guess I might have to do that with the King Tut too!   Suggestions?  Advice????   Handholding?


  1. Before you go nuts with one thread... get some basic colors in a few different thread lines. Try your machine with different threads - every machine is different, and you may find that you like different weights or the different result that one thread gives over another. I've also come to understand that every machine has its "favorite" thread... so don't order 400 spools of something before you're really sure you love that line (and your machine does too.)

    The other thing with quilting thread is that you also may want multiple spools of something so you don't run out - so having one of each color may not be the most efficient.

    I did what you did with embroidery thread, but with quilting thread I'm a lot more selective. Basics, with just a few lovely, favorite colors thrown in.

  2. Good Advice to be sure!!!.. Thanks!


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