Sunday, August 1, 2010

Longarm Virgin scrap pack

Sorry, late night iphone camera photo.. so not exactly something to overwhelm you with it's stunning color.. which in person it really does.  I hope to get it quilted today.. I have a swirling pattern in mind.. and loosely going around the leaves.. the maybe some veins... it's all going to be about texture so I am going to have to get Sir Lancelot set up to run monofiliment so this will be a new adventure that I will be sure to report on.

In the mean time I have a bag full of a BUNCH of extra leaves that are all ready with the fusible on the back ( just peel off the paper).. some of the trunk fabric.. well actually everything except background fabric.. so you could make a tree just like it.   and it's free to the first person who wants it.  Just leave a comment with a way to get a hold of you and it's yours!  I free hand cut everything so there is not pattern, but I am pretty sure Mother Nature is equally as loose :)

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