Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A new day dawns...

Well HQ did their part ( yeh HQ!) and the part is with  the men in brown again.. but there was bad weather during the night so the part was slowed coming across the US. It's only 2 real hours from me according to the scans but I don't know what that will mean in real time so I will just have to be patient!

In the meann time something sort of cool.. a diversion if you will!
As many of you know I am am embroidery designer and that love dovetails quite well with my new found love of quilting.  This is a sneek peek at the first of three wall hangings that are started in the hoop the jump into the world of quilting to be finished.  The center web quilts it's self onto the back ground  via embroidery mchine in the hoop then the rest of the pieceing goes on from there.  But what really makes this even more fun ins adding the Hotfix crystals to the project!  
For that I drag out all my Hotfix supplies, and this time that was made so much easier by getting this snazzy storage container by Plano ( yeh.. the tackle box people!)

With the deep storage on top and the divided containers on the bottom it's just perfect for organizing lots of differnt small things.  I bet it would be perfect for jewlery work and I did test it.. it fits sewing machine feet just perfectly with the exception on my ruffling foot, but with a bit of minor box surgery even that would fit just right!

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