Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I did it AGAIN!

Looking for me?

Well point yourself in he direction of

I have tried to keep too many plates spinning the in the air for too long and it is taking it's tole on me so  I am stepping back, pulling down and recamping all of my loves at my main blog.

To celebrate this positive move towards simplicity I will be having a contest very soon.. it involves thread and fabric so I am sure you will want to be there so make sure to click on the follow button when you get there!

This blog content will be exported over to the new site in the next few days.. see you there!

Monday, March 7, 2011

At the Speed of Life

                         Can I say that I am STILL loving this quilt that I made a couple of months ago??
Can I also say that I have not been doing too much quilting lately?
Yes, sad but true.

I have been doing other things and if you want to keep up with those things you can either find me on Facebook or you can pop over to my life blog

I will still be here.. soon as I can get back to my machine.. I miss it so!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Quilting Your Truth

I needed to bind a quilt yesterday... so you know what that means... mindless Internet surfing while I stitch! Yes I can sew and surf...  and it makes binding less mind numbing to say the least!

So while surfing about on home-reno blogs I came to a small mention of a woman talking about her " type" when it came to her clothing colors and how she was applying that to her decorating.  So like any good surfer this lead me down a deep rabbit hole into the world of  ~ Dressing Your Truth~   ( you may choose to plunge down that rabbit hole yourself by clicking that link, but be warned you can just kiss the rest of your day goodbye!)

In a nutshell DYT is a system that helps people learn to dress and present themselves in a way that is most true to their core personality. The outcome being a more comfortable persona that is in harmony with your life and style.   There are 4 types( styles) with help on colors  (chromas)..  There is much more to the system and some day I might even get around to doing it, but I am a Type 3.. that is clear from my rooting around and reading on different websites. This was not a huge surprise to me but did help me understand why some of the clothing choices I have made in the past have been mistakes matter how much I have loved them they did not look right on me since they were not true to my nature.

This whole  read-a-thon brought me to thinking about how color and style influences quilting and why we are attracted to certain colors and afraid to work with others. How we might try to work in one style and really want to do it because it's popular but it truly never resonates with us.  The DYT concept makes it clear how color ( actually the depth and tone of color) and personality have a great influence on how we feel while earing them ( or quilting with them!)

 In fact... learning how to
Quilt Our Own Truth! (my term)

I hope to have more time to think about this as the days pass and reflect more about it  here... what do you think?... How do those colors effect the way you think or feel in your home or clothing or quilting?  Do  you see this in your life?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Chattanooga Modern Quilt Guild

Today was the first meeting of the Chattanooga Modern Quilt Guild.  It was a wonderful 1st meeting and we have high hopes for many more equally great members over time.  If you are interested in joining us at a meeting take a peek here: HERE

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Load her up!

Ohhh it feels like an age since I have been able to dance with Sir Lancelot! But last night I loaded up an adorable customer quilt that I am really looking forward to doing. It is the hap-hap-happiest of little quilts and it makes me smile just looking at it. Not to mention how soft it is!  I think this is a Moda flannel but for the life I me I don't remember which line. All hearts and flowers.. very girly and adorable.

The client has requested hearts and flowers quilting and I am happy to do that. Such a happy quilt does not need or even call for serious quilting.. it needs something that goes right along with the happy theme. As always my hope is that the quilting helps tell the story of the quilt and makes it even more than what it is as a pieced top.

The bright and cheery color choices in this top mean that the thread is not going to be a huge consequence since in no way would you want to compete. Often I might turn to a neutral like Lavender..but in this case I have a spool of rainbows in a variegated shading that blends very well so I am going to go with that on the front and back.  This is going to be fun!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Batik Beauty- sewing with Batiks

Batiks, some people love them and as the saying goes, "some people hate them". I will admit that my love for them is a tad on the mercurial side but there is never a doubt that if I am going to like a batik it is going to be part of a Hoffman Bali Pop collection.  Those people know how to blend their colors into some of the most yummy color collections of the planet!

This month I am locally  teaching a class on making a a batik quilt as you go table runner than makes the most of the wide variety of colors in each pack. Each Balipop is made up of what at first glance looks to be a wide but cohesive family of colors but as you pull the "pop" apart you can usually group the colors into at least 2 strong color families. In the case of my class I have chosen the colors from the Zinfandel Balipop and broken them into the purple family and the blue family.  Both are wonderful and 1 Balipop is enough to make 4 table runners!

Working with pre cut strips makes for a fast project but does mean that you will not be prewashing your fabric. While I have had little to no problem with my Hoffman batiks running i do make sure to wash my end project with Retayne which is a dye fixative that assures that nothing nasty will be happening with my hardworked treasure!  When selecting a needle for use with batiks I often go with a sharp since as a general rule batiks have a higher thread count making them a bit harder to quilt and down right tedious to hand sew.  For piecing like like a neutral shade of Mettler Metrosene that blends well with my fabric choices ( this is often a shade of gray..but that is just my personal preference)

For quilting I love to bust out my very favorite of all threads for the occasion -Variegated thread rules with batiks!   If I wanting some shine I will always pick Superior thread Rainbows, if I am wanting something a bit more organic but still with a nice pop of color I will choose King Tut.

In the end batiks are nothing to be scared of..  and with the endless new colorways coming to market each season you could spend your life sewing them and never make the exact project twice!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Birth of a Quilt

For me a quilt is really born after it has been washed. Of course art quilts are different but for everything else it's the process of the washing that brings out the texture and the warmth that I want in my quilts. Often i don't even pre-wash my fabric but in this case I did.  The white fabric was 100% linen and it shrunk up like CRAZY but had a wonderful feel to it..  the other fabrics were not pre-washed and this was a calculated risk for sure since they could have bled but  the fabric gods were on my side this time and the quilt came out just perfect.  The photo does not do it justice, I am wishing for a sunny day to take some photos in the morning light!

All the quilting was done in liberated freeneedle style with monofiliment on the top and bottom as to not distract from the clean color play in the quilt.

I am happy with how this turned out.