Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Too late for too many words

Ever seen a quilt that is so ugly that it's sort of beautiful?  Well this would be the one.  It's a quilt top that I got at GoodWill for $1.. yep.. one dollar.. and possibly worth maybe 1/2 that much!  But in my eyes it's beautiful.. a beautiful victim that is.  It will be the sacrificial lamb of this longarm virgin.. oh my goodness.. this will be my ~first~

I could not bear the idea of racking up anything that I had just pieced.. I want those!.. so this my victim candidate!

Here I am exuding my obvious natural midnight beauty as I finished pinning the backing to the leader.  The backing was another lucky victim candidate from the thrift store... 1970's harvest gold percale.. it's going to be a match made in heaven made even better by the poor quality batting the I dug out of the cabinet... I can tell you are jealous.. quit drooling on the keyboard.. it's my first quilt and you can't have it!

Running a tension test on the side strip right before the cat ran in and tore a big hunk out of the batting that was hanging down ( i call tell that the cats are going to be a HUGE help)..
but now it's time to go to bed.. can't even focus on the screen... more details tomorrow.

P.S.  Sorry about all the typos last night.. I should NEVER post at 1am!


  1. Your blog posting has been posted on the Handi Quilter Blog, Facebook page and Twitter account.

  2. Hi Maddie, Clever girl going to Goodwill for your first quilt. I am taking a break from playing with my new Avante and happened upon your blog. Have fun...

    Happy Stitching,


  3. I think it is groovy.


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