Wednesday, August 11, 2010

To keep you distracted....

To distract you from the fact that I am going to spend the day playing with my new STUDIO fabric cutter I give you an awesome site for inspiration with your quilting.  This gal does not do longarming that I know of but her free motion work is the stuff of inspiration.  As I watch the videos I use my Freestyle doodle sheets to take note of techniques I want to replicate using Sir Lancelot.

Have fun!


  1. This was great Maddie thanks for the info, I am new to quilting and free motion work however I want to learn it all..

  2. I envy your productivity.

  3. Houston WE HAVE A PROBLEM. I know nothing, or rather I knew nothing, about quilting by machine until now. I have neglected my entire to-do list for the morning because not only have I read your entire blog, Maddie, but I also followed your advice and went over to see the video(s) you suggested. I am doomed. I now have one more thing I want to learn how to do. I leave you with one eye scanning my home for available space to join all of you in this quilting world. Carolina


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