Saturday, August 21, 2010

All Bunny Butts, All the Time!

With a bit of time between charity quilts I wanted to do something fun and fast. A snowball quilt fit the bill!  Using a layer cake and 1 yard of solid fabric I was able to quickly put together a "charming" little quilt.  Charming = a quilt with whimsical bunny arses all over it!

The one problem with any pre-cut is that in a larger print it can be catch-as-catch-can when it comes to what you see in your 10x10 piece of fabric.  I happen to have been ~blessed~ to get a layer cake pack chock full of the tail end of  many silly rabbits...  not a full rabbit in the bunch and as it would happen my quilt will feature not just 1 but 3 rabbit butts!!!!

  1. I know you are jealous, please try to contain yourself!

Fast cutting of the corner pieces courtesy  of " The Mother Ship". 


  1. That way you've got lots of cute fuzzy tails..use them for "powder puffs"

  2. Some are attracted to the rear. Do not judge. :)

  3. Very Cute, Love your posts Maddie, I got my Avante about the same time you did and enjoy seeing how you are doing with your new machine. I just quilted a 130 long quilt (the back used the entire width of the take up leader) and the Avante did Great! I am sure my machine is a girl however, maybe her name should be AVA???


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