Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's all about the Fabric

New fabrics totally drive my inspiration when it comes to quilting and right now I don't think we  have ever lived in a time with more fabric or choices. < insert giddy sigh>

Anybody who knows me knows that I am  HUGE supporter  of local shopping but sometimes you just can't get what you need locally so you turn the the wonders of the World Wide Web to find what you need.

Online I am looking for the same satisfaction that I get in my local store and have found it at Hawthorne Threads.   I could not be happier since  I just found a great deal on the colorway of Meadowsweet 2 that I was looking for  ~happy dance~

I am going to quilt myself a chair... stay tuned!

Also... I am looking for a full fatquarter collection of Katie Jumprope.. anybody  have a lead on that?

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  1. A Chair OMG! can't wait to see it!!I will be on the lookout for the Katie Jumprope fat quarter for you. I purchase some of my fabric from Fat Quarter Store you might want to check, they carry different designers..


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