Monday, August 2, 2010

Playing the waiting game...

Once again I am waiting.. this time for a phone call that my Handi Quilter accessories have come in... I am SUCH an impatient thing!  I ordered the ruler base, the versi-tool and some circle templates and I want them NOW! ( told you I was impatient :) but in the end I am not sure how much I will use them but look forward to giving them a spin.

Until then I am working on all my freehand stuff.. I feel a real affinity to a looser style of quilting.. very organic and free form.  It's weird.. but I feel it flow out of me.. like a connection between me and the quilt as to what it wants and needs.

My love is progressive ( modern) quilting which is not overly well represented in the longarm world at this time. It is gaining a foothold and I see more to come  ( yah!) as the modern quilt movement gains an even stronger fan base in my local fabric stores but for now.. I search and doodle.. make samples and even have already been asked about doing a quilt (yikes)...oh yeh.. and shop for fabric :)
My life is SOOOOO hard.


  1. I only feel a *tiny* bit sorry for you. I can only have sympathy now because I am also waiting on something awesome to arrive. It's just plastic, with a couple of holes punched in, but it will be soooo awesome when they get here. :)

  2. For my next addition I'd like to get the microhandles. Do any of you have them? Use them? Like them? I'm hoping that when I go to HQ in September that I can take them for a test drive!


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