Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Number 2 is done and out the door!

Guess I am quilting faster than I am living these days since this quilt is already done and out the door. It was the number two quilt sent in by the wonderful Ms. Ebony Love.  It was the first time I had worked with quilting batiks.. they respond differently than other fabrics.... where other fabric heal ( close in?) around the needle hole the batik had a little tin punch look to it due to the stiffer nature.. I suspect that will change when she washes it so I am anxious to see how it behaves for her. 

I also had my first brush with the dreaded eyelashing when making curves on the batik but not on the yellow sashing... anybody want to explain that to me???

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  1. I've had excellent luck on batiks using King Tut on top, Isacord in the bobbin, #4 needle.

    Couple of tips... don't roll your quilt so tightly, and try a Magic Bobbin Genie in lieu of your bobbin case spring.


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