Thursday, September 9, 2010

A little something extra!

 I love it when I can do something one time and it serves me for two of more times.  Like chopping up stuff for lunch and getting to use part of it for dinner?.. love that!  Saves me time and makes life so much easier.  The same goes for sewing and quilting. When I can do something that yields the preparation for two projects.. well that is just wonderful. In my case it helps to have two projects that are complimentary, in this case making wrapped baskets/hot pads and quilting.  These two projects dovetail into one action when using my Accuquilt Studio cutter.

Wrapped baskets and trivets use lots of fabric strips  and cutting them can be a pain.  That pain can be made much easier with the Accuquilt Studio 1.5 inch strip die. But with a bit of  planning you can have strips from all of your fabrics that you cut with your machine ( Studio or Go!)

By just buffering a bit of fabric past the edge of any strip die you are using you can end up with loads of strips that are perfectly acceptable for using with the wrapped basket technique!

To make it a little more clear I have made a small video !  Enjoy!

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