Monday, September 20, 2010

Fitting it all in. Finding room for your Studio cutter.

Anyone with a sewing obsession knows that  finding room for all stuff that goes with it can be a real challenge. I am blessed to have  very large room all to myself.. in fact my studio takes up 1/4 of the ground floor of our house, and yet I still am searching for more space with the addition of Sir Lancelot which takes up a BUNCH of room!

So when thinking about getting a fabric cutter I dithered back and forth if I should get the portable cutter which is the GO! or the Studio.  While the cost difference in the two units is substantial it was not the cost that kept me dithering it was the size.  Like a lot of people I worried that I did not have the space for the bigger  machine and maybe it was " too-much" machine for what I wanted to do.

I can say now that I do not regret getting the larger Studio version. It fits in a 2x4 foot area and  this gives plenty of room underneath for storing my dies.  To show how I have done this I made a small video

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