Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Following the Rules

My precious gift stash of Katie Jumprope from the darling Robyn at  Coffee and Cotton has been transformed into this darling runner for my kitchen Island.  I used quilting it as a time to learn more about Ruler work on my Handi Quilter. 

At first I was frustrated beyond belief.. how did anyone ever do this???  But them I remembered the hint from one of the Internet longarm shows.. it talked about making the back of the ruler sticky.. so I used some 505 embroidery adhesive and a whole new world was opened  up to me!  While by no means am I great at ruler work given that I have only done it one time so far ( example above).. but i can see how as a long arm skill it will be one that I will want to develop for certain situations! 


  1. I remember the early days with ruler work. I HATED it, desperately. And then, at some point I just remember not loathing it so much, and finding that the ruler work opens a lot of possibilities and does help to make the seams lay flatter. Practice! Can't wait to see your runner-


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