Friday, September 17, 2010

Another week draws to a close...

When  a new quilting idea grips me it's like an all-out assault on my brain that I need to get down on paper.. this one is inspired by a slide  of an exploding ball of  heavenly gas that was part of a talk a I went to this week.  I am adding more to it as I am going along and of course I HAD to check out what sorts of fabric might be available to work with!

Well 22 fat-quarters and a  couple yard later I made it home with some of the MOST delicious fabrics! Most of them are batiks and hand-dyes so they are just right for the feeling I am going for.

But in a promise to myself I needed to get the  Blackbird finished up and  and I did {happy dance}.. so all it needs is it's binding!   With a little luck I will have photos of it very soon!

So with a quick cleaning of my studio I will be ready to start on the
Mother Star

In the mean time I am looking at threads for this project... I suspect it's going to be really thread intensive so I want wonderful threads that just about glow.. to my first stop is going to be checking out the new line of silk threads from Superior. I have not gotten to try them yet.. but I have high hopes they are going to be just right!


  1. Maddie the fabric looks "yummy'!! and I can't wait to see the quilt made up, it's going to be Gorgeaous !!

  2. Oh this looks absolutely fascinating in design Maddie, I can't wait to see it realized on fabric!


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