Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Leader Grips ~vs~ Spotty Math Skills

Honestly I really do know how to use a tape measure so the fact that the backing on SnowCream came out to be an inch short was a bit of a kick in the knickers as I got to the bottom of the quilt and made the rather rude discovery. Lucky for me I  am the happy user of  Leader Grips for loading my quilts so while I will admit to some foul words I did not cry ( I am such a big girl!)

Leader Grips  are an alternative to using pins and cursing at your longarm. With using Leader Grips and floating technique I can have a quilt ready to start stitching in well under 15 minutes. There is another similar product on the market called Red Snappers that work on a similar principle but are a bit more flexible and think they might be a superior product based on watching the video.. and I believe they might be a bit cheaper but in any case I think it is the fastest and most adjustable method currently on the market for loading a quilt  onto a longarm machine.

ohhhh as a note I don't get a kick back or anything fun for letting you know about these two great products... not that I am opposed mind you.. it's just not part of the gig right now.

Anywhoooooo I took the quilt off the frame ( about 30 seconds) then sewed on some extra fabric to the back and then reloaded that baby and finished up the borders.. what would have been very ugly ended up being just a P.I.A, I can live with that.

If we can get even a minute of sun tomorrow I will shoot some pictures!

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  1. Sounds like something I should look into as a new LAer! I'm very curious about this! Thanks so much! It takes me like 2 hours just to put on a practice piece!! LOL!

    I just love your blog!!


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