Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Birth of a Quilt

For me a quilt is really born after it has been washed. Of course art quilts are different but for everything else it's the process of the washing that brings out the texture and the warmth that I want in my quilts. Often i don't even pre-wash my fabric but in this case I did.  The white fabric was 100% linen and it shrunk up like CRAZY but had a wonderful feel to it..  the other fabrics were not pre-washed and this was a calculated risk for sure since they could have bled but  the fabric gods were on my side this time and the quilt came out just perfect.  The photo does not do it justice, I am wishing for a sunny day to take some photos in the morning light!

All the quilting was done in liberated freeneedle style with monofiliment on the top and bottom as to not distract from the clean color play in the quilt.

I am happy with how this turned out.

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  1. It's beautiful!!! I love it!! I can totally understand why you prewashed. I normally wouldn't as well. The quilting is perfect!!


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