Friday, November 19, 2010

UnCharted Waters...

Here I am back rowing the same boat... what I would not do for a local store that sold good threads for longarm quilting!!!...   While having my wonderful time in Utah I got to play with some of the So Fine! thread by John Flynn for Superior.   It is no secret I have it hard for ST King Tut, but had not had much experience with So Fine!.. but wow.. I really loved how it ran in my machine in the Handi Quilter education room so look forward to running her on my home machine.  For stitches that become the fabric.. leaving just the impression of stitching not just the thread this is one to choose... but now how to choose which colors!    Oh so difficult!
I might just have to buy them all!


  1. I have a long arm quilting friend who loves Glide thread (Filtec) for quilting. I also took some quilting classes at the Des Moines quilt expo in Oct. Judy Woodworth, an instructor there and a very accomplished l.a. quilter, couldn't say enough good things re Glide thread. Free shipping yet today @ Bobbin Central. PJ

  2. I use the So Fine almost 90% of the time, top & bobbin. They stitch great.

    BTW, I saw Kathy Meyhew's add in the Feb APQ I got today!


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