Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ha!.. Fooled You! ( and a Quilty-Sin confession )

I bet you had given up on me ever quilting again!.. and for a while it was getting a wee bit dicey I will have to say.. life just keeps getting more and more busy.. then you throw in a major holiday and then sick kids... well you get the picture!   But LOOK.. I am sewing.. I am sewing  wonky Ferris Wheels for a  stash-busting quilt to put on my new sofa in a vain hope to make it better match the room.  ( Some people also call this pattern spider web.. I don't like spiders... well i really don't like Ferris wheels either but I like them a WHOLE lot more than spiders... which in the end is a real kick in the the pants since on of my sons want to be an arachnatologist eeeeeewwwwww  isn't that interesting! )

Ok..confession time
( it's good for the soul right?)

I need to come clean about something that might mean I get my tail kicked out of the ~real quilters~ club..and if it comes to that I will just have to here it is

I don't always match my bobbin thread to my top thread when piecing!.. there I said it! In fact I often use up odd colored partially filled bobbins when I am piecing.. just feeding them into the machine one after another as each runs out until I am rewarded with a whole slew of empty bobbins that are ready and waiting for fresh thread for my next project!

Ok  your turn,
Confess your quilting sins!
Best Quilty-Sin gets a Charm Pack of Fabric from my stash!


  1. I hate measuring, following a pattern (or recipe), marking and precision anything. Good thing wonkiness, improvisational piecing and free-motion quilting is 'in'. Except I have a thing for symmetry, so I'm having to work through my aversion to numbers!

  2. Just foined your blog, Maddie as a follower. Really enjoy it. My sin: I use only prewound bobbins of bottomline even on my domestic to piece.....just too lazy to fill and refill bobbins. Am on the later end of life (last 50 years or so... :) and want to save time for longarming....not filling stupid bobbins!

  3. I hate filling bobbins so I bought one of those portable winders. When I'm lazy and don't want to do anything, I just sit and wind bobbins with a variety of colors for future projects.

  4. I don't think its a sin using different coloured thread when piecing, I mean, who will know? And it is a good way of getting rid of spools of not used thread.


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