Sunday, November 14, 2010

Good Grief!

Well I have to admit that I never dreamed of being gone so long.. and now here we are gearing up for the holidays so things are not looking good!.. and yet I wanted to pop in to say how much I adore each of you who writes and stops by each day to see if I have gotten off my arse and written a new post!

Oh Joy!.. today is the day for that new post!
and it's the day I have been cleaning up my crafty bookcases.

You see I love books... I love all books but sew/quilting/craft books hold the highest place in my heart. My sagging bookcases are tribute to that fact as well as my close relationship with all the sales staff at my local Barnes and Nobel!

Alas I have hit peak book over-load and it's time to find some of these books a brand new home! Starting today you can find my ~Book-Shelf~  page at the top of the blog and it will list the books that I have up for sale. Each will be priced at 1/2 of cover price or below and that will also cover media-mail postage to your home (USA only please)

With a little luck I will add a bit of a review with each book. These are ALL great books and I am not putting them up for sale because I think they are a "dog".. these are just books that I have fully taken in and experienced and I am happy to now share with you!

Each will be linked  in my storefront. Sorry... change of plans.. the books are listed in the bookshelf but just drop me a note if there is one you want and I will use a PayPal invoice to make things easier on both of us. In most cases there is only 1 of each book so if you want it.. do it now before someone else does!

My bookcases thank you!

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  1. Well gee... I would but I have at least 6 of the 8 you have pictured. I need a book intervention before they make a show called book hoarders!


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