Monday, October 18, 2010

Quilters Preview Paper - love this stuff!

Yet a bit more of the swag that came home with me from my HQ trip!
  This is Quilter's Preview Paper

This is a wonderful product developed by Suzanne Hyland of Quilter Touch  that enables you to ~solve your quilting problems visually~ by seeing what your quilting will look like before you even put a stitch to that work of art!

This product has it all over using plastic wrap or floral cellophane for doing perview work.
  1.   It is reuable
  2.  It is  a perfect weight for saying where you want it.
  3. It is  printed with guide borders so you don't mark off onto your quilt top by accident!

HQ was so gracious as to send us each home with a generous supply of this product but I am going to place another order very soon since I think it will make a wonderful Christmas gift for many of my quilting peeps!

Want  some for yourself???
Even better, want it with free shipping????

Good through 10/31/2010 and ONLY at the on-line HQ  shop
 ( yes, that means it is NOT good at any of the quilt shows)


and use the code
for free shipping of your Quilter's Preview Paper!


  1. You can read for information about Quilter's Preview Paper
    Short video clip

  2. You can read more information about Quilter's Preview Paper at this link
    Watch a short video clip


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